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Travel Tips Osa Peninsula

To get the best out of your trip in Costa Rica: is to plan well the parts that need to be planned
and always leave space for adventure! 

Costa Rica is beautiful, adventurous and diverse. Despite of its small land space,  it takes long time to get from one place to another.  Distances are short and the roads are partly very bad. Some places are more touristic and crowded than others. You will always find a hotel somewhere, so that is not something you would want to book fist, rather you want to see your over all plan according to the national park availability.

Let’s get started! 

How to get to Osa?

    •  Traveling to Osa Peninsula and Puerto Jimenez is not so easy. That’s why we are still remote, quiet, original and local.
      ..and don’t shy away from the challenge of getting here.

      The ways to get to Puerto Jimenez:

      • 3 daily flights with Sansa (
      • 2 daily bus from San Jose
      • Rent a car: The road up to Puerto Jimenez is good and paved. From here onwards and arrival to Drake Bay you do want to have a 4*4 car.

        Own car is the best option for getting around in  Costa Rica, especially if you’d like to explore and see the country. Get a 4*4 car with full insurance cover. Never leave anything inside of your car when parking and keep your valuables with you!!

    First things First!!

    • The Very first thing you should do when planning your Costa Rica trip is to BOOK your Corcovado Experience.

      Before anything else, contact us (or any other tour provider) and ask availability for the entry tickes. Make a booking and then plan the rest of your holiday in this country!

      Corcovado entry tickets are limited and often sold out. You want to plan AT LEAST a month ahead. Please note that once booking the name or the date of the reservation CANNOT be CHANGED.

    Where to Stay?

    • In Jimenez so many options with different price range. If you are going on a tour and you don’t have a car, recommended to stay somewhere close to the starting point of the tour. All tour starts at 5.30 am at Monar Bakery next to the police station one black away from our office Corcovado Hiking Tours.

      We also have an air bnb Casa de Inka for rent with close proximity and safe parking.

    And couple more things…


    We live in the rainforest so get used to of being sweaty, muddy and wet. Bring things that you don’t mind of getting moldy. Leather is not the best choice here. Use materials that are light, breathable and dry fast. 
    You’ll get a packing list upon Booking. 
    Sirena has bedlinen and mosquito net: NO NEED for sleeping bag. 



    We have ATM in Puerto Jimenez, Drake bay has NO ATM. Jimenez has gas station, Drake Bay has NO gas station. 
    Please Bring cash, we accept usd, colones and euros. Please note hat many places charge 13% tax when paying w credit card, and that the exchange rate from USD to colones might have changed since the day of purchasing your tickets. 



    We ALWAYS like to see you the day before the tour to check in for the trip to answer any final questions, agree upon logistics and make the final payment. You can leave your bag at our office during your tour. It is safe. we can help you find a secure and safe parking for your car. Our office is open from 10 am to 6pm . Please keep us informed about your arrival time. 



    Please ask! Happy to Help!