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2 days – The Magic Tour

Traveling in high season and want to join an adventure out of the beaten path?
Visit Corcovado visit and enjoy a NIGHT HIKE! 
Two days of packed jungle, animals, beach and Pura Vida !


Facts & Logistics


  • Day 1: Starts 5.30 am in Puerto Jimenez
  • 1.5h boat ride to Sirena – the heart of Corcovado
  • Hike 20km from Sirena all the way to Carate 
  • Transportation 40 min to Piro
  • After Dinner a Nocturnal Jungle: NIGHT HIKE! (July- November turtle tour) 
  • Overnight at Piro Biological station 
  • Day 2:  Hiking in Primary forest and very remote paths 
  • Breakfast and lunch at Piro station 
  • Transportation to Puerto Jimenez around 3 pm
  • Total of 30- 35 km of hiking in 2 days
  • This is just pure Magic!


  •  2 days Entry tickets to the national park 
  • Accommodation at Piro Biological Station  
  • Dinner, Breakfast, Lunch 
  • Boat to enter
  • Transportation from Carate to Piro and Piro Jimenez
  • Guiding service


  • Full day hiking from Sirena all the way to Carate 20km on magical trail w plenty of animals 
  • Overnight in Remote biological station in Piro
  • Hiking with the magical energy when Pacific Ocean meets Jungle
  • Secluded beaches and incredible view 
  • Hike and sweat, swim in river and chill by the beach 
  • Night hike: get to know the nocturnal jungle 
  • Hiking on the off the beaten path trails 

Magical tour combining day and night hike. Long hike requiring endurance and day 2 hike more chill.  

Unique and memorable hike safely guided to discover the gems of Corcovado.