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Turtle Tour

Cuteness Alert!

Facts & Logistics

  • The turtles return to the same beach where they were born to lay the eggs in the sand after the night has fallen.

  • This is a night tour in Piro or Carate one-hour drive from Puerto Jimenez.

    You will go on this 3h tour to witness the miracle turtles returning to the beach and leaying the eggs.  .

  • This tour takes place on the beach and you might spot possible other night creatures.

  • Available July – December

 Price $45


  • Guiding service




  • Enjoy the magic walking at night time looking for turtles
  • If you would like to witness the Unique experience of hatching the baby turtles hatching, this takes place on specific dates and times and can be coordinated to organize our on the time of expected birth.
  • On the hatching turtle tour you will witness the tiny turtles first pilgrimage to the ocean