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Overnight Hiking Tours

View our complete list of overnight tours below and click on the button for full details.

3 Days: 360 degrees – The wild trail

On this 3 days tour you will make a circle around the national park Corcovado.

Starting by adventurous wild long trail from Los Paros decending to Sirena. 2nd day spend around Sirena and day 3 taking the more relaxed La Leona trail to Carate.


3 Days: Pura Vida Trail

On this trail you will experience the Pura Vida life style of Costa Rica: Beach and Jungle magic. Swim in the rivers, enjoy some coconuts and hike with incredible view. Same La leona to enter and exit. Day 2 spend in Sirena observing animals. 

2 Days: Boat in Hike Out

This is the best option if you only have one night but want to see more than the day tour.
Enjoy the gems of Corcovado!

2 Days: The Magic Tour

Beach and Jungle magic. Swim in the rivers, enjoy some coconuts and hike with incredible view whike hiking 20km all the way from Sirena to Carate. Discover nocturnal Jungle and stay overnight at Biological station Piro. 

2 Days: Hike in Boat Out

Hike 20km either through Los Patos or La Leona. Over night in Sirena and following day hike around Sirena before taking a boat out to Puerto Jimenez or Drake Bay. 

2 Days: Boat in - Boat out

Wanting to enjoy the heart of Corcovado without the hike? Skip the trekking part, take a boat and enjoy the Flora and Fauna of Sirena.  Available from Puerto Jimenez and Drake bay. 

2 Days: Hike in Hike out!

This hike is intense and only available in the winter months! 
Hiking back to back 20km is not a joke!

3 Days: Hike in Boat out

Hiking in from La Leona trail and Enjoy 2 nights at the sirena station, giving the opportunity to hike around Sirena for one day and half. Best opportunities to see wildlife!

2 Days: Best of Osa

Getting the best of the Osa! One day spend in Matapalo, followed by a night hike. Stay overnight near Carate and following day a day hike to La Leona. 

3 Days: Boat in Boat out

Best opportunities to see wildlife! If hiking is not so much your thing and you’d rather just focus on wild life and photography this tour is for you. Entry and exit either from Puerto Jimenez or Drake to Sirena with 3 days hiking around the station. 

Services Included

Park Permits

We arrange all the park permits for you and your group with the local MINAET (Ministry of Environment).

Guiding Services

Rodolfo and all other guides we use are 100% certified by the national institute, and are licensed to guide you through Corcovado.

Transport Services

Let us take care of your transportation. We can organize taxis and boats for you to Corcovado. Just let us know your needs.


Stay with us at private house at Casa de Inka, The tree house Toucan Nest. 

...and so much more

We have lived and traveled plenty and therefore we do understand how it is to be outside your country. We understand that you have many questions and we are here always to help you solve them, is then finding a mechanic for your rent-a-car, your next location hotel, a doctors office, lost passport. No worries - we have experience in all this.  

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