This is the best option if you only have one night but want to see more than the day tour.
Enjoy the gems of Corcovado!

DAY 1: Depart at 5:30 am from Puerto Jimenez to Carate where hiking begins.
Enter in Corcovado national park from La Leona Ranger Station. On this 20 km hike you enjoy the humidity of the forest, meet some amazing creatures of the forest, and cool down with the breeze on the beach.

After 8 hour hike, enjoy sunset at the beach and you’ll arrive in Sirena Ranger Station, the heart of Corcovado where you will sleep. Comfy & clean, mosquito protected bunk beds, showers and good meals.

DAY 2: Start your day at 5:30 am. Hike around the different trails at the Sirena station, giving you the perfect opportunity to search for animals. Around noon depart Sirena by boat and enjoy the 1,5h boat ride to Puerto Jimenez.

This tour is available hiking in from La Leona / Los Patos on Mondays, Thursday and Saturdays and taking boat out to Puerto Jimenez on the following day (Tuesday, Friday and Sunday) .
Or you can take the Boat in from Puerto Jimenez on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays and hiking out on the following day, which are Wednesdays, Saturdays and Mondays.

PRICE for this Corcovado Experience with Entry or Exit with Boat :

285 $US / Person

  • 2 Day Entry fees to the national park
  • One nights accommodation at Sirena ranger station
  • 1 x Dinner
  • 1 x Breakfast
  • Guiding Service
  • Boat from Sirena to Puerto Jimenez

  • Transportation from Puerto Jimenez to Carate or from Carate to Puerto Jimenez is NOT included.
    We are happy to help you to find the most economical transportation solution. Taxi is 20$ / person.